Star Wars In Character – Senator Grebleips

Episode 28 – “Senator Grebleips”. In this episode of the GR80′s we discuss 1983′s E.T., The Extra Ter… wait, I mean the representative from the Green Planet as seen in “The Phantom Menace”, Episode One of the Star Wars Saga.

Sites Featured in this Episode:

How Stuff Works: The Star Wars galaxy (Not the actual “How stuff works website, my bad)

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Star Wars In Character – IG-88

Episode 27 – “IG-88″. This time we discuss the 3rd most popular, or 3rd least liked, bounty hunter from Star Wars Episode 5, “The Empire Strikes Back”. Who picked this guy!? Oh, right.

Sites featured in this episode:

The Ultimate IG-88

IG-88 Action Figure

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Star Wars In Character Interview – Stephen Stanton

Special Episode – The Stephen Stanton Interview; “Stephen Stanton In Character”. You think you know Stephen Stanton? You haven’t heard anything yet! Chris and Tim had the pleasure of recording this interview with Clone Wars voice performer Stephen Stanton.

Sites featured in this episode:

Stephen Stanton’s Office Website

Stephen Stanton’s Facebook Page

Princess Leah Diaries and Fundraising information

Blast From Your Past

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Star Wars In Character – Yaddle

Episode 26 – Yaddle. In this episode we discuss the second most popular person of her species, from Episode One of the Star Wars Saga, “The Phantom Menace”

Sites Feature in this Episode:

Yaddle, Yaddle, Yaddle Blog

Custom Yaddle Figure

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The GR80s – Beverly Hills Cop

In this episode we review 1984′s “Beverly Hills Cop”, and the panelists list their top 5 “Fish out of Water” films.

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Star Wars In Character Special – Best of Volume 1

While we are preparing to pick up the weekly podcast schedule, and wrap things up from the Live special, we present this “Best of” episode to fill in the break. The accompanying video will be posted on our website soon.

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