The Bad Advice Show – The Sean Show

Next in our experimental series: The Sean show. #CringeWorthy. Ask yourself, what would happen if the guy who normally does ZERO show prep, who’s favorite Christmas song is “Fairy Tale of New York” and habitually teeter-totters between SJW and the King of the Creeps were to be suddenly be driving the bus? The result is this audio turd!

If you think it’s painful to listen to, imagine having to sit… duct-taped in the back seat… while he drives us off the audio cliff. The 1st segment is mostly his self-righteous pontificating about movies. I don’t want to be a negative one, but if that’s what you want to listen to, I can recommend another Neozaz podcast to you…

Oh, did I mention that the show ends abruptly because he has to take a phone call from some chick in the middle of recording for some F-ing reason.

I tried to clean it up with editing and this is all that was salvageable. So sit back and try to enjoy this flaming audio garbage pile in the same vain as “The Room”… it’s so uncomfortable that maybe it comes full circle and is funny.


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