Things Just Got HUGE for Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Feel like you’ve been waiting a bit long for the next HHN28 announcement? Well that wait was more than made up for today when Universal Resort Orlando released a laundry list of announcements for this year’s event!

First, let’s start with the addition of the 10th house to HHN28. For the first time in the nearly 3 decade run of the event, the number of houses featured hits double digits! No details on that that 10th house is yet, but when it comes to HHN, more is always better!

Next up, today’s press release confirms the return of Academy of Villains. The performance group that debuted in HHN26 returns again with an all-new show.

We’re still not done. Possibly the biggest news to come out today are the names and descriptions of 3 scarezones featured in HHN28; “Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve”, “Twisted Tradition”, and “The Harvest”

From the Universal Orlando Resort Press release:

“Universal also revealed some of the scare zones guests will encounter at Halloween Horror Nights 2018. As they venture through the park, they’ll be stalked by ravenous punk, material girl and metal head vampires in Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve, come face-to-face with beings of rotted pumpkins and fetid vines who are seeking out human sacrifices in Twisted Tradition, fall victim to foul and decrepit creatures in The Harvest and more.”

And last, but certainly not least, all tickets are now on sale, including all Frequent Fear and Frequent Fear with Express passes!

We’ll have a lot more to talk about later tonight with our instant reaction episode of The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights.

Stay with NEOZAZ and The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights Podcast for all the latest HHN28 news and extended coverage of this year’s event.

For ticket information, please visit the Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights Website here.

Trick ‘R Treat to be featured as a maze at HHN28!

Today (or earlier for social media savvy fans) Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood announced their latest addition to Halloween Horror Nights 2018 – “Trick ‘R Treat”!

Returning from its scarezone debut at HHN27, “Trick ‘R Treat” arrives to this years event as an all new maze for 2018!

“Based on the critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite movie, directed by Michael Dougherty, the “Trick ‘r Treat” maze will transport guests to Warren Valley, Ohio on Halloween night to celebrate the holiday’s dark traditions. Recreating some of the anthology’s most iconic scenes, the disturbing new maze invites brave thrill-seekers to become entwined within the secrets of this sleepy suburban town.

Guests will experience some of the film’s most grisly scenes and encounter hauntingly familiar characters. They will meander through Mr. Kreeg’s infamous house, watch as college students viciously transform into bloodthirsty werewolves and dismember the town, as well as come face-to-face with Sam – the spirit of Halloween – who readies to punish those who break the holiday’s tradition.”

Stay tuned to and The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights Podcast for our Instant Reaction to this reveal and our continuing cover of this year’s event.

First Original House for HHN2018 Revealed!

The first original house coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2018 at Universal Orlando Resort has been revealed; “Dead Exposure – Patient Zero!”

Following up from the hit house of 2008’s Halloween Horror Nights 18 “Dead Exposure”, “Dead Exposure – Patient Zero” brings back the terror of the original now set in the middle of Paris 1982.

“The city of lights has gone dark as chaos spreads, unchecked. Hordes of vicious, flesh-eating undead are swarming the streets.

The military is forcing those not affected into quarantine and a vaccination is being given. It’s the only chance to ward off the sickness but there are major side effects… blindness.

You’ll be lost in the darkness as the undead hunt you. An attack can come from anywhere.”

Stay tuned to and The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights Podcast for our Instant Reaction episode about this latest addition to Halloween Horror Nights 28!

To hear details on the original “Dead Exposure” from Halloween Horror Nights 18, check out our episode featuring the houses from that event at:

For more information on Halloween Horror Nights 2018, visit:

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First Look at Universal Orlando’s “Fast & Furious – Supercharged”

Universal Orlando Resort released some first look pics for their latest attraction “Fast & Furious – Supercharged” opening this spring:

From Universal Orlando Resort:

Opening this spring, Fast & Furious – Supercharged will bring one of the world’s hottest film franchises to life in a whole new way. Guests will have the opportunity to actually live the excitement they’ve seen on the big screen in a high-octane ride experience where they’ll become part of the Fast & Furious family.

We’ll be checking this new attraction out along with the rest of the theme park enthusiast community first chance we get and post our special report.

“Stranger Things” is coming to Halloween Horror Nights!

Today we got our first official announcement about the attractions at the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights Event – The Netfilx hit series “Stranger Things” debuts at HHN as an all new maze!

“The parallel universe, referred to as the Upside Down, that terrorized the small town of Hawkins, Indiana in Netflix’s mega-hit “Stranger Things,” will bring the chittering, predatory Demogorgon to “Halloween Horror Nights” to stalk unwitting guests as they encounter iconic scenes, characters and environments from the mesmerizing series. “

“Stranger Things” will appear at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore for the 2018 season.

Keep following NEOZAZ for an instant reaction episode of “The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights” podcast coming shortly and for all of the latest of Halloween Horror Nights.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando runs select nights Sept14rh through Nov 3rd.

More information and tickets can be found on the Halloween Horror Nights Orlando website at:

A Celebration of Harry Potter 2018 – The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle!

The 2018 edition of Universal Orlando Resort’s “A Celebration of Harry Potter” started this weekend and an opening night of special announcements, live orchestra performances, and celebrity appearances was capped off with a special showing of the newest addition of Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter – “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle”.

“The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” is latest Harry Potter theme 3D Projection Mapped experience added the Universal Orlando Harry Potter experience. And Friday night we took part in an early presentation of the show.

The show features the houses of Hogwarts opening with a narration by the Hogwarts Sorting Hat.

The lights go dim briefly as you conceptually try on The Sorting Hat and houses are presented in projections on the Hogwarts Castle.

First house featured is Ravenclaw (and Matt’s house apparently, as he learned this weekend. More on that later). Blue and bronze lights surround Hogwarts accompanied of course by imagery of the Eagle.

Next, Hufflepuff. Yellow, black and silver cover the castle leading up to the reveal of the Badger.

Our viewing crowd favorite, Slytherin, is next with eerie green lights and sliver highlights with plenty of Serpents.

The final house, and home to the saga title character, Gyffindor with scarlet and gold lights and the Lion wrapping then entire structure.

Hogwarts and the four houses close out the show in a grand finally complete with pyrotechnics.

It’s hard not to compare “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” with 2017’s holiday show “The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle”, the holiday show set a very high bar for nighttime entertainment at Hogsmeade. As a comparison to the Christmas show, “Nighttime Lights” falls just a touch short. However, that is when comparing the two.

Looking at “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” alone, it’s a fun, colorful, entertaining show and a must see for Harry Potter fans. It’s a great edition to not only the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but the to the ever increasing night time entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort. I enjoyed from both a technical and new, and slowly learning Harry Potter fan perspective as well.

“The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” is scheduled run through February 2018 at Universal Resort Orlando with more dates expected to be added in the future. For more details, see our article covering the original announcement of the edition to Hogsmeade here.

Our report on “A Celebration of Harry Potter” 2018 continues with a special podcast episode wrap up by Matt and Shelby as they discuss the event from two very different perspectives. Look for that episode soon right here on!

Voodoo Doughnut Coming to Universal Orlando Resort!

As someone that’s taken a ridiculous amount of time searching out doughnuts in nearly every town I’ve visited, I’m beyond excited to read the news that the legendary “Voodoo Doughnut” is coming to Universal City Walk at Universal Orlando Resort this spring!

“Since their Portland, Oregon origins, Shannon and Pogson have continued to spread their unique flavors with several new locations including a few more in Oregon and shops in Denver, Colorado; Austin, Texas and CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood. The new location at Universal Orlando will be the first location east of the Mississippi. The shop will feature the same eclectic pink theming and irreverent names that can be found in current Voodoo Doughnut locations. It will be located next to NBC Sports Grill & Brew, just steps away from the iconic Universal Globe and Universal Studios Florida entrance.”

Visit NEOZAZ for more details as they come and a very likely probable for-sure first hand report (followed by a second, and a third, and a…)

New Night Show Coming to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Today Universal Orlando Resort announced a new exciting addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” projection mapping experience!

For the first time ever at Islands of Adventures’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade, guests will be able to experience an all-new show at Hogwarts Castle.

“As night falls in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, state-of-the-art projection mapping, coupled with special effects and lighting, will wrap Hogwarts castle in a dazzling display celebrating the four houses of Hogwarts – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Guests will watch in awe as the spirit and iconic elements of each house are brought to life on the majestic castle – all set to incredible music based on the original scores from the Harry Potter films. “

Starting January 31st “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” will run select nights throughout the year.

Park guests can preview the new experience on January 27 and 28 during “A Celebration of Harry Potter 2018”

“The Nighttime Lights At Hogwarts Castle” is scheduled to run Jan 31 – Feb 5 and Feb 7 – Feb 12. It will run continuously each evening starting at dusk.

With the recent success of the Christmas editions to Hogsmeade including a holiday themed 3D projection show on Hogwarts, it’s not surprised to learn of this new edition to Universal’s Nighttime entertainment lineup but an exciting addition nonetheless.

For more on the “A Celebration of Harry Potter 2018 Event”, please visit the Celebration of Harry Potter area of Universal Resort Orlando’s website here.

Universal Studios Mardi Gras 2018 Line Up Announced!

Florida’s biggest party is about to get underway at Universal Orlando Resort’s Annual Mardi Gras Celebration Event!

Today Universal Orlando Resort released details on this year’s Mardi Gras, including most of their concert line up for the event.

Grammy award-winning artist Macklemore, international recording artist Sean Paul, and multiplatinum chart-toppers Fifth Harmony highlight the huge line up of music acts at this year’s celebration.

Along with the concert series, a nightly parade of 12 hand-crafted floats highlights the event – with 6 new celestial themed floats debuting this year.

Along with the music and parade the French Quarter Courtyard offers food and drinks only available during this event celebration.

Stay tuned with NEOZAZ for more coverage of this annual event included a firsthand report during the celebration.

Mardi Gras at Universal Studios begins February 3rd and runs nightly to April 7th 2018. All Mardi Gras events are included with daily admission, no separate ticket is required to attend Mardi Gras.

From more information on Universal Orlando Resorts Mardi Gras Celebration, visit:

2018 Mardi Gras Headliners:

Feb 3. – Sean Paul
Feb 10. – The Beach Boys
Feb. 17 – Kelsea Ballerini
Feb. 18 – Andy Grammer
Feb. 24 – Macklemore
Mar. 3 – 311
Mar. 4 – Phillip Phillips
Mar. 10 – TBA
Mar. 11 – Fitz and the Tantrums
Mar. 17 – Foreigner
Mar. 18 – Fifth Harmony
Mar. 24 – TBA
Mar. 25 – BUSH

Pick the top SWICmas songs for 2017!

It’s the time of year again – the Star Wars In Character podcast is ramping up for the 2017 Christmas season and it wouldn’t be the holidays withouy their annual top SWICmas song countdown!

You can help pick the top songs that will count down to this year’s Christmas Spectacular – click on this survey link and rate your favorite SWICmas songs on a scale for 1 to 10. The scores will be tallied and the top songs will be counted down on a new SWICmas countdown special leading into the annual Star Wars In Character Christmas Spectacular.

We look forward to celebrating the holiday season with our fantastic community and can’t wait to share your favorite songs for the 2017 celebration!

Survey link:

Universal Studios Brings an All-new Parade this Holiday!

Today Universal Orlando Resort released details on their all-new Holiday Parade Featuring Macy’s!

This year’s all-new parade will feature 15 intricately-detailed floats featuring characters from Illumination’s “Despicable Me” and “Minions”, DreamWorks Animation’s “Madagascar” and “Shrek”, iconic holiday elements and of course Santa’s Sleigh.

This year’s parade wouldn’t be complete without the iconic balloons associated with both Macy’s and Universal’s Holiday celebration, and this year the parade will feature 16 of these larger-than-life-balloons with 13 of them created exclusively for Universal by Macy’s! Some of the balloons created for this parade include Bob for “Minions”, the Dronkeys and Gingy from “Shrek” and King Julien from “Madagascar”.

More than 100 colorful choreographed holiday performers and characters join the parade as the event makes this way through the streets of Universal Studios to an all-new music score and snow!!

Universal’s Holiday celebration begins November 18th and run until January 6th.

Stay tuned to NEOZAZ for an upcoming first hand report of this all-new parade along with the new holiday celebration events at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Universal Studios offers an All-New Harry Potter Christmas Experience!

For the first time Universal Orlando Resort is including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in their resort-wide Holiday events!

Both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley will feature uniquely themed Christmas decorations and all-new entertainment created exclusively for the holiday season.

Diagon Alley will be featuring a new holiday performance by Celestina Warbeck and Banshees.

Hogsmeade’s holiday celebration features a new holiday performance by the Frog Choir.

And at night during the holidays, Hogwarts Castle will illuminate with “The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle”, a projection mapping experience taking place on the iconic castle.

The new holiday themed entertainment begins November 18th and runs until January 6th.

Stay tuned to NEOZAZ for an upcoming first hand report of these new exciting additions along with the all-new Macy’s Parade, Grinchmas, and all the traditional favorites from Universal Studios Holiday celebration.

I’ll be Back. Errr, wait…

We usually don’t report attraction closing on our posts here at, but this one is a biggie – at least to me personally.

Today Universal Orlando Resort announced they will be closing the “Terminator 2: 3-D” attraction at their Universal Studios Park.

The attraction opening in 1996 and was one of the first attraction I experienced in my first visit to Universal Studios.

The venue has been home to many friends and people close to me over the years. It’s an attraction I’ve enjoyed time and time again during its 20 plus year run.

It’s not a huge surprise to see it closing, but it still gave me a slightly more emotional reaction than I expect when I read the announcement. Though the irony that the closer of this ride is announced with “Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D” playing in theaters did make me chuckle.

It won’t take long for the disappointment to subside and excitement for a new attraction to arrive to Universal Studio to take over. But until then, I’ll be headed to the park to take at least one more trip through time with Terminator 2: 3D

The Attraction closes Sunday, October 8th.

Addendum: Alternate titles for this article pre-posting “I Won’t Back” and “Hasta La Vista, Baby”.

4 Original Houses announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Today Universal Orlando Resort revealed the last set of attractions for their highly anticipated annual event “Halloween Horror Nights” 2017.

This reveal highlights the four original maze attractions for this year’s event:

“Scarecrow: The Reaping”

At a long-abandoned Depression-era farm, vengeance takes root, and the only harvest that will be reaped is you..


The crumbling house on 19 Hemingway Lane harbors a nest of bloodthirsty vampires. If you awaken them, you will face a savage, bestial hunger.

“Dead Waters”

Enter a pestilent swamp that oozes evil, the hellish realm of the Voodoo Queen. If you fail to escape, you’re in for a gut-wrenching sacrifice.

“The Fallen”

You’re about to be caught in the crossfire of the eternal war of light versus dark and no one will be saved.

For more details and videos about these 4 original mazes, visit the Universal Orlando Blog post at:

This announcement completes the line up for Halloween Horror Nights 2017. The event features 9 mazes, 5 scarezones, and 2 shows:

The Shining
Saw: The Games of Jigsaw
American Horror Story: Volume 2
Horrors of Blumhouse
Ash vs. Evil Dead
The Fallen
Scarecrow: The Reaping
The Hive

The Purge
Trick ‘R Treat
Festival of the Deadliest
Altars of Horror

Academy of Villains: Afterlife
Bill & Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure

Stay tuned for an instant reaction for these 4 original houses on The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights podcast soon.

Tickets and vacation packages for Halloween Horror Nights 27, are now on sale!

Universal Orlando Resort unveiled all ticket and vacation packages with this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event.

Ticket offering start with single night admission to the event and range all the way to “Ultimate Frequent Fear + Express”

For ticket information visit:

For more information on Halloween Horror Nights 27, visit:

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The Horrors of Blumhouse are coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2017!

As we edge closer to opening night of “Halloween Horror Nights 2017”, Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood revealed another addition to this year’s lineup.

“The Horror of Blumhouse” maze will appear at both park events this year featuring the films of modern horror film producer Jason Blum.

The Halloween Horror Nights Orlando maze will feature the films “Insidious”, “Sinister”, and “The Purge”.

The Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood maze will feature the films “The Purge”, “Sinister” and soon to be released “Happy Death Day”.

Tickets and vacation packages for Halloween Horror Nights 27, are now on sale!

Universal Orlando Resort unveiled all ticket and vacation packages with this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event.

In a press release announcing the ticket unveiling, Universal Orlando also confirmed this year’s event will include 9 NEW Mazes, 5 ScareZones, and 2 live shows.

Ticket offering start with single night admission to the event and range all the way to “Ultimate Frequent Fear + Express”

For ticket information visit:

For more information on Halloween Horror Nights 27, visit:

Stay up on all the latest on Halloween Horror Nights with The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights podcast from

Scare zones and Shows announced for Halloween Horror Nights 27!

With less than a month until the gates to Halloween Horror Nights 27 open details on this year’s event are starting to roll in a frightening pace.

Today Universal Orlando Resort revealed the theme of this year’s scare zones and announced the second show for Halloween Horror Nights 27.

This year’s scare zones feature:

“Trick ‘r Treat” – Inspired by Michael Dougherty’s film.

“Guests will be thrust into the traditions of Halloween with an authentic showcase to celebrate the haunted holiday. Sam will be lurking in the shadows to strictly enforce the rules of Halloween – and those who disobey will pay the price…”

“The Purge” – Based on “The Purge” movie franchise.

“This gory “scare zone” will feature the return of fan-favorite characters from the film saga and the notorious victim auction whose bidders want nothing more than to exercise their right to Purge.”

“INVASION!” – Aliens highlight this intriguing scare zone.

“Guests will become the grotesque human experiments of fearless alien scientists who continue to plan the preeminent destruction of planet Earth.”

“Altars of Horror” – A compliment to many of the marquee maze in this year’s event.

“Guests will come face-to-face with some of the most horrifying characters found in this year’s assemblage of haunted mazes – based on iconic horror films and terrifying hit TV shows.”

The confirmation of the return of the “Roaming Hordes” has also been included in this morning’s announcement. This year, the hordes have a unified theme:

“Unhappy with how popular culture has made clowns scary, this grotesque gang of gigglers has risen from the grave, determined to show the world that if you want scary clowns, they’re going to make sure you get your worst nightmare.”

In addition to these scare zones and the roaming hordes, Universal Orlando also announced the return of “Academy of Villains” with their all new show “Academy of Villains: Afterlife”, which promises to incorporated elements from additional scare zone “Festival of the Deadliest”.

Halloween Horror Nights 27 will also feature the 26th and final edition of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.”

With the reveal of the scare zones, could the finale reveal of HHN27 be following closely behind?

If and when it does, we’ll have an instant reaction to the entirely line of HHN27 on The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights podcast right on!