Almost Viral – Episode 6

You’re not seeing things, it is indeed another episode of “Almost Viral”! Greg and Matt sat down to record, catch up, revisit old obsessions, discuss new ones, and talk about the almost viral video “Intense Self Defense”.

Check out the featured video “Intense Self Defense” at:

Almost Viral – Episode 5

In this episode we catch up on our obsession of the past few (or more) months and then explore the eccentric poem performance video “NICER”

Watch along, see the “NICER” video here.

Almost Viral – Episode 4

In this episode we catch up on our obsession of the past few months and then explore the whimsical magical world of the Unicorn Kingdom Club.

Sites and videos featured in this episode:

Rubber Johnny

Unicorn Kingdom Club

Legend of the Unicorn Kingdom (please add “[email protected]” in the referral field, thanks!)

Almost Viral – Episode 3

Episode 3 – We do something a little different and laugh along with a video instead of laughing at it. We also review episodes obsessions and discuss some new ones, including a quick obsession with a death metal j-pop fusion band that’s come and gone for one our hosts.

Featured video in this episode:

Old Greeg

Also featured:

Baby Metal: Gimme Chocolate

Hear is here:

Almost Viral – Episode 2

Episode 2 – We discuss the unique vocal stylings of Jan Terri, follow up on our last episodes short term obsessions, and answer a couple of Facebook questions.

Featured in this episode:

Almost Viral Facebook Page

Almost Viral – Episode 1

Presenting the latest podcast from

Welcome to Almost Viral, the podcast that brings you podcasts, games, ideas and new media that hasn’t quite made it to the status of “viral.”

This is episode 1, or pilot episode. Items presented in this episode:

Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast

I’m Sorry Arcade Game

An Elliot Lester Movie Could Improve Your Life