Dial Up Movies – Godzilla

Episode 14 – “Godzilla”
In this episode, we talk about the 1998 version of Godzilla. We awkwardly congratulate each other on one year of podcasting, and talk about monster movies, helicopter physics, and have more fun quoting Space balls and Jurassic Park than talking about Godzilla.

Dial Up Movies – Hook

Episode 13 – “Hook”

In this episode, we talk about Hook from 1991. We discuss parents who hate their children, the physics and relativity of Neverland, and we dish out tons of hate on Tinkerbell.

Dial Up Movies – Glengarry GlenRoss

Episode 11 – “Glengarry Glen Ross”

In this episode, we cover 1992’s Glengarry Glen Ross. We dive into the vicious world of real estate, discuss what it takes to be a real man, and we talk a lot about coffee.

Dial Up Movies 10 – The Frighteners

Episode 10 – “The Frighteners”

In this episode, we discuss Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners, from 1996. We talk about dressing for death, Tim gets mad at ghost physics, and we learn that no one should ever take dating advice from Lou.

Dial Up Movies 9 – Clueless

Episode 9: “Clueless”

And we’re back! Our first episode of 2015 is Clueless from 1995, featuring a very special guest panelist, Emily. Listen as we discuss fashion of the 90s, the pitfalls of being a Heather, and hear Lou and Tim learn what “cakeboy” means.

Dial Up Movies 8 – Home Alone

Episode 8 – “Home Alone”

Happy Holidays! In our second Christmas episode of the season, we discuss the classic  film Home Alone from 1990. We talk about timeless kid logic, elf porn, and Tim plays “Disabled or Dead” with Harry and Marv.

Dial Up Movies 7 – Jingle All The Way

Episode 7: “Jingle All The Way”

We’re kicking off the holiday season by covering our second Arnie movie, Jingle All The Way! Get ready for more terrible impressions and a fair amount of dick jokes, and learn more about your hosts as we talk about our childhood. We laughed a lot and we hope you do, too.

Dial Up Movies 6 – Sleepers

Episode 6: “Sleepers” – In this episode, we welcome back Stephen in the creepiest of ways and discuss “Sleepers” from 1996. This was our attempt to take a very serious drama and find some comedy in it. It was not an easy task! Listen to tales of Stephen’s dating history and our collective thoughts on the ol’ “come over and watch a movie” routine.

Dial Up Movies Episode 4 – Ernest Scared Stupid

Episode 4: “Ernest Scared Stupid” – Happy Halloween! This week, your favorite jerks discuss “Ernest Scared Stupid” from 1991, featuring another special guest host, Lauren. We’re schooled on monster lore by Tim, treated to horrible impressions by Lou, and we all collectively agree that the dog was the best part of the movie.

Dial Up Movies Episode 3 – Lost Highway

Episode 3: “Lost Highway” – In this episode, we discuss 1997’s “Lost Highway,” featuring a special guest host, Erin. We butt heads over movies that make you think and reminisce over Lou’s questionable fashion choices from his middle school and early high school days.

Dial Up Movies Episode 2 – Starship Troopers

Episode 2: “Starship Troopers” – In this episode, we cover 1997’s “Starship Troopers.” We look at the bad side of having good hair, discuss creepy dating tactics,
and Lou offends veterans by downplaying the seriousness of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dial Up Movies Episode 1 – True Lies

Episode 1: “True Lies” – In this episode, we discuss 1994’s “True Lies.” Listen to our questionable Schwarzenegger impressions, and hear us discuss technology in the 90s, character naming, and the antics of James Cameron.

Dial Up Movies Episode 0 – 3 Ninjas vs Surf Ninja

Welcome to Dial Up Movies, another great podcast on the NeoZAZ Internet Entertainment Network! Join hosts Lou, Stephen, and Tim each episode as Dial Up Movies takes a look at the beloved movies from the 1990s and sees if they still hold up today.

Episode 0: “3 Ninjas vs Surf Ninjas” – In this inaugural episode, we work through some technical and audio mishaps, get our podcast legs under us, and put head-to-head 1992’s “3 Ninjas” and 1993’s “Surf Ninjas.” We touch on bad parenting, uncomfortable situations with minors, and the positive side of dictators.