Muppets In Character – Koozebanes – NEOZAZ

Episode 7 – “Koozebanes”. In this episode we discuss the many…many…inhabitants of planet Koozebane.

Production note: The recording for Episode 6 got a little screwed up, so that will have to be fixed – rather than waiting even longer for the release, we’re edited and released this episode while we work on fixing the episode 6 files.

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Muppets In Character – Crazy Harry – NEOZAZ

Muppets in Character – Series 1, Episode 5 “Crazy Harry”. In this episode we discuss the history of Muppets Show’s official pyrotechnician.

Clips featured in this episode:

The Muppets Valentines Special

Jean Stapleton on The Muppet Show

Animal gets blown through the roof

The Muppet Mindset website

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