The Negative One Podcast – 10 – Oh, Hi Thomas! – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Matt is tearing Thomas apart because Thomas had never seen the cult classic movie The Room. This is the movie that was written, directed, produced by, starring, gaffed, foleyed, and gripped by Tommy Wiseau (did I miss anything?).

Listen as the boys talk about what makes a bad movie, what the mysterious origin fables of this film are, technical issues and more. Learn about dropped plot threads!

Do the boys figure out where Tommy Wiseau and his accent are from? Does Thomas DEFINITELY HAVE BREAST CANCER? Is Matt a fan of tuxedo football? WHat are Thomas’ feelings about bad sex scenes? Are you my favorite customer even though I don’t recognize you?

Listen and find out!

The Negative One Podcast – 9 – The Princess Bride – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Matt and Thomas discuss William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. Matt and Thomas talk about set design, comedic timing, quotability, special effects, and more. Thomas does NOT talk about that rumor he heard about Andre the Giant in how he was too large for hotel toilets and thus had to go in bathtubs in the hotel rooms he stayed in, but Thomas DOES remember thinking about it during the recording of this podcast. Thomas is not sorry and has no regrets, however.

Does Matt think this was adapted from a stageplay script? Does Thomas know what Fred Savage was playing at the beginning of the movie? Does Matt really like Peter Falk? Does Thomas not know who Mandy Patinkin is, and when he is mentioned, think it’s a she? Does that word mean what you think it means?

Listen and find out! I mean it!

Anybody want a peanut?

The Negative One Podcast – 8 – Thomas Has An Identity Crisis – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Thomas has read the DC Comics trade of Identity Crisis. This comic is a prime example of the many misconceptions of comic books as “childish” media. The story line is poignant and dark. The issues, while presented in a fantastical way, are very human and relatable. This comic is made for adults. This is not meant in any way for children younger than, say, 14 or 15, as Thomas finds out too late.

How did Thomas find out too late? What makes Matt tear up? What does Thomas have against the DC Universe and does his opinion change?

Listen and find out!

The Negative One Podcast – 7 – Matt Tears Down The Wall – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Thomas and Matt discuss the classic Pink Floyd double album, The Wall. Gonna be honest here, I haven’t listened to it again for quality control…so I don’t have a lot of witty things to say. It’s July 4th weekend. Cut me some slack, ‘Merica.

Will Thomas get his act together and edit this later? Does Matt completely deconstruct the entire album musically because he is a music nerd? Do you even read these, bruh?

Listen and find out!

The Negative One Podcast – 6 – Thomas Hire A Professional – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Matt has assigned Thomas a guy flick. Thomas has mentioned a few times to Matt that there are certain movies all guys should see. Matt thinks Leon: The Professional is on of those films. Thomas has never seen it. An interesting quandry, indeed.

Thomas and Matt go off on tangents, as will happen. Star Wars and Star Trek is mentioned. The Frankenhooker Trap is so named. And of course, there’s probably some inappropriate jokes made.

Is Matt a little over the top? Does Thomas have a deep respect for Gary Oldman? Did Matt and Thomas talk about the oft-speculated “deleted scene”? Do the boys again go all gaga for Joss Wheedon?

Listen and find out!

The Negative One Podcast – 5 – Matt Sings Along with Dr. Horrible – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Matt has been forced to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Matt and Thomas both discuss Joss Wheedon in length. Thomas probably makes up some stuff.

The conversation then turns to the merits of Netflix and the strange power Thomas seems to have over it. Netflix does not sponsor our show. Yet.

Matt gets angry at Thomas and threatens him with a chair. Seriously.

Will Thomas get hit with a chair? Does Matt actually sing?* What influence does Thomas have over Netflix streaming?

Listen and find out!

The Negative One Podcast – 4 – Thomas Cracks the Skye – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Matt nerds out a bit. He talks about chord progression. He talks about three-quarter time. He talks about lyricism. Thomas tries to keep up with him.

Also, Matt tells Thomas that the album he just listened to is about a boy in a wheelchair who has spirit walked (or astrally projected, if you prefer) through time and space into czarist Russia. Thomas is confused.

Will Thomas understand what it is exactly he just listened to? Does Matt automatically assume certain things about fans of heavy metal? Does Thomas make guitar noises? Will all of Matt’s friends start hating Thomas?

Listen and find out!

The Negative One Podcast – 3 – Gets Spirited Away – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Matt and Thomas discuss the Studio Ghibli/Disney classic Spirited Away. The word “weeaboo” is used. Japanese culture comes up a few times. Art style, storytelling, and the stress of being a child are all seriously discussed. Also, really bad parenting (fictional parenting – we love our own parents).

Will Matt obsess and talk about his tendency to be a completionist? Will Thomas make references to classic literature to make himself sound more intelligent? Will there be more than a few minutes spent on the Japanese obsession with poop? Is there an uncomfortable Roots reference? Can Thomas green?

Listen and find out!

The Negative One Podcast – 2 – Thomas Picks Up a Frankenhooker – NEOZAZ

In this episode, Thomas talks too much. No, really. Look, we’re new at this. We haven’t worked out all the bugs. And Thomas? Well, he really likes the sound of his own voice. So he won’t shut up. The first half of the episode? Pretty much Thomas saying nonsense.

Does Thomas shut up? Is the second half of the episode MUCH better than the first half? Are Lindsay and Thomas still together after having seen this movie together? Will there be poetry (spoiler alert: yes)?

Listen and find out!

This episode brought to you by the color Purple (seriously. The color. You’ll see).

Promotional consideration by SuperCrack. Better than crack, it’s SuperCrack.

The Negative One Podcast – 1 – Who’s Matt Gonna Call – NEOZAZ

Welcome to the Negative One Podcast! In this episode, Matt and Thomas discuss the origin of the show as well as take on a classic 80s sci-fi comedy (of which there are so many): Ghostbusters! Why hasn’t Matt seen this movie? Will Matt talk about his feelings? Does Matt’s dad ruin everything? Why is Thomas STILL afraid of Gremlins?
Listen and find out!