Go For Launch Launch Alert Update – CRS-11 2nd Attempt

Thursday’s SpaceX CRS-11 Launch from Kennedy Space Center’s historic launch pad LC-39A has been scrubbed and re-scheduled for a second attempt on Saturday June 3rd, 5:07 PM Eastern.

Tickets are now available for an up-close viewing for this launch from Kennedy Space Center’s Apollo / Saturn V Center.

Launch Transportation Tickets are priced at $20 in addition to a daily admission ticket or annual pass admission.

This is a phenomenal view of LC-39A across the Banana river less than 4 miles from the launch site!

This is another milestone event for SpaceX and Kennedy Space center – this launch marks the 100th launch from the historic pad, the first launch and mission for a re-used SpaceX Dragon Space Craft, and the grand finale to the launch is a planned landing attempt for the Falcon 9 booster at LZ1.

NEOZAZ’ Go For Launch will be at the Apollo / Saturn V center reporting on this launch and attempting our first binaural recording on site to bring the most immersive audio recording on in-person launch yet to the series.

Don’t miss this chance to experience a launch up close at Kennedy Space Center. Tickets for the view area at the Apollo / Saturn 5 viewing area are on sale now at: https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/info/tickets

Fingers crossed all is go for launch this weekend and a new episode with a new immersive recording for Go For Launch following soon.

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