Orion EFT-1 Series

On December 5th 2014 the next generation of Manned Space flight for NASA took it’s first step as the Orion spacecraft was launched on it’s first test flight, mission EFT-1.

This unmanned mission was launched atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and Matt from NeoZAZ.com was there, reporting from a 2 day event learning all about Orion, NASAs work on Mars, and Future of Manned space flight.

This launch, dubbed “the first step to Mars” put Orion into a 2 orbit four hour flight around the earth pushing this crew vehicle farther from the planet and any manned space craft have gone in 42 years.

Orion EFT-1 Part 1

In part 1 of this special mini series, we learn much more about Orion, EFT-1, and the fantastic social media support program NASA offers to Social Media follower and New Media creators in it’s NASASocial program.

Listen to or download Orion EFT-1 Part 1 Now.

Orion EFT-2 Part 2

In part 2 of this special mini series, the NASASocial participants took part in a live TV broadcast about Orion, Mars, and the Future of manned space flight.

From there, that participants headed to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s complex for more great guest speakers, including a couple of surprise appearances.

Listen to or download Orion EFT-1 Part 2 Now.

Orion EFT-3 Part 3

In part 3 of this special mini series, launch day has finally arrived. Or has it?

After an early morning start promising weather, not all things go as at the NASASocial participants had hoped. Hear first hand the sounds and reactions to the December 4th scrubbed followed by the excitement and elation of the Dec 5th successful launch!

Listen to or download Orion EFT-1 Part 3 Now.