Star Wars In Character Talk Rogue One with Christian Simpson

The Rogue One Christian Simpson Special!

Friend of the show Star Wars Actor Christian Simpson joins Chris and Tim in this special “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story” instant reaction episode!

To help out with this special episode, Chris and Tim have also invited on Jeff McGee from Marvin Dog Media to join on the conversation.

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  1. Hey guys. Great show as always. I wanted to thank you guys for helping me out at a recent trivia contest. My family and I were recently on a Disney cruise which included a Star Wars day at sea. One of the highlights was getting to meet Ashley Eckstein who is the voice of Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. I also got to meet a guy named Brian who was there covering the event for a media outlet. Later that night I found myself in the finals of a super fan contest versus, you guessed it, Brian. The finals event was to name as many faces from Star Wars as possible in 45 sec. The pics were projected for everyone to see. Brian won the coin toss, chose to go first, and ran the table! I knew he had me. Every face that came up was from your show. He was getting them about a second before I could think of them. On my turn I missed 6 but got Baron Papanoida! Found out later he wrote for Star, Huffingtonpost, and hosts the Full of Sith podcast. I didn’t feel so bad losing to a professional in front of 150 people. Thanks guys! You kept me sharp.

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