Star Wars In Character – CZ-3

Episode 147 – “CZ-3”.

In this episode we discuss the recognizable face found around every corner in “A New Hope”, episode 4 of the Star War saga.

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Extended show notes (Potential for Spoilers)

Chris lays the ground work for the story about to be told with fantastic set of names.

Chris answers questions of gender that no one asked.

Matt explains a long time nickname he’s had for this character.

A bit of on the fly research helps sort out a potential confusing story.

The crew collectively theorize on some of the design work on this droid.

He learn a great story about Jabba using this droid to foil an adversary.

Tim questions the relevance of this point of the conversation.

Matt manages to offend Chris to the point of silence for the first time in 25 years.

Chris continues with the story and ties to a past character begin to be drawn,

Chris creates the funniest joke ever told on the show on the spot.

The end is near as we learn the fate of CZ-7.

Behind the scenes details are shared.

Tim shares a celebrity encounter story.

Matt shares a feedback email from thousands of miles away.

Trivia continues, and it’s anyone’s game leading into the find 3 episodes of this round.

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