Star Wars In Character – Inside the SWIC Studio Featuring Chris

Special Episode – “Inside the SWIC Studio. Featuring Chris”.

During 2015, we’ll be taking a break every 2 weeks from our regular episodes. Sometimes the breaks will be simple time off from the show, while others will be an opportunity to try something different. This is episode is the latter.

Matts sits one on one with each member of the SWIC production family to learn a little bit more about the people behind the show in this mini series called “Inside the SWIC Studio”.

In this episode, we learn more about the idea man behind the origin of Star Wars In Character – Chris!

We explore Chris’ early school days meeting his fellow panelist and follow into their early adulthood when the entire crew worked together re kindling their love for the Star Wars universe.

From there, we learn how the idea for this series came about along with what Chirs has done to prepare for each episode and how that’s evolved and changed over the 4 year run of the show.

The highs of the the banner year of 2012 are discussed at length and lead to where things are now and as well as covering everything in-between.

Please enjoy this special episode of the Star Wars In Character podcast and see a new side of Chris that you may never have expected to see.

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The Star Wars In Character Podcast takes a look at the obscure side of the Star Wars Galaxy. Each episode features a single subject as the panelist learn its exhaustive back story during a fun and entertaining discussion. The episode wrap up with a round of trivia with questions and subjects from every corner of everything Star Wars. Star Wars In Character as features special live event episodes, interview with cast and Star Wars Community pioneers, and more. Check out the Star Wars In Character podcast - the less serious and more fun side of Star Wars fandom.

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