Star Wars In Character – Nahdonnis Praji

With coverage of the Great Philadelphia Comic con and the winning design for the Norse Legion Celebration exclusvie pin!

Episode 176

In this episode we open so highlights from the Great Philadelphia Comic Con including the announcement of the winning design of Kevin Liell and Norse Legions exclusive Celebration Europe pin!

The it’s one to our main feature, the man the the nicest lips in the Imperial Navy, Nahdonnis Praji from Episode IV of the Star Wars Saga, A New Hope.

Then it’s a new round of trivia, with a new twist, and a new spotlight celebrity guest star!

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The Star Wars In Character Podcast takes a look at the obscure side of the Star Wars Galaxy. Each episode features a single subject as the panelist learn its exhaustive back story during a fun and entertaining discussion. The episode wrap up with a round of trivia with questions and subjects from every corner of everything Star Wars. Star Wars In Character as features special live event episodes, interview with cast and Star Wars Community pioneers, and more. Check out the Star Wars In Character podcast - the less serious and more fun side of Star Wars fandom.

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