Star Wars In Character – Sy Snootles

In this episode we discuss the greatest female lead performer in the Star Wars Galaxy from “Return of the Jedi”, episode 6 of the Star Wars Saga.

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Extended Show Notes (Potential for Spoilers)

The show opens with regional references the about 1% of the listening audience would recognize.

Chris stumbles over the appears of this episode’s character.

The names come from a source now one saw coming.

We learn about Sy’s origin and home planet.

From there the story goes into her time during The Clone Wars with Ziro the Hutt.

Tim tries once again to convince Dave to watch some of the Clone Wars series.

We discuss her hand in the demise of Ziro the Hutt and turning to Jabba for a new life.

We follow Sy to her new band and hear about her hit single.

An early death of Sy’s band leader at the hands of another famous Star Wars Galaxy musician is discussed.

Matt uncovers another celebrity hot button to taunt Chris with.

The conversation spins off into my regional celebrity references.

Sy’s turn as the lead of Max Rebo’s band comes up in the story and leads to all sorts of interesting conversation.

We lear the rise and fall of the Max Rebo band, a home planet advisory, and the possible ongoing life of this character.

The original puppet vs the CGU replacement is debated.

The original song and it’s various releases is talked about at length.

Feedback takes a look at some recent iTunes reviews.

And trivia rolls on with just 2 episode remaining until this rounds finale.

All that and much, much more in this episode!

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