Star Wars In Character – T-47 Airspeeder

Episode 152 “T-47 Airspeeder”.

In this episode we discuss possibly the coolest most wanted vehicle in the Star Wars galaxy from The Empire Strikes Back, episode 5 of the Star Wars Saga.

Before the name begin, the great movie ride debate continues!

Chris wows his other panelists with his names.

The first amazing fact has nothing to do with the Snow Speeder.

The source of the Snow Speeders comes into question quickly.

Distance and range is theorized for the vehicle.

Tim almost stays wake while presenting his facts.

Specific modifications made by the Rebel Alliance is discovered.

We learn exactly what trouble there was adapting them to the cold.

The panelists talk at length about the toy version of this vehicle.

Tm compares the Empire to the Union army in the battle of Atlanta.

The design concept is discussed.

Tim shares story from a past Celebration about one of the most iconic scenes involving the Snow Speeder.

More toy talk commences.

We go to the emails for the feedback segment this episode.

The new round of Trivia “The Liell File” continues!

All this and more in this episode of the Star Wars In Character podcast!

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Star Wars In Character

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