The Bad Advice Show Episode 6

Shouting from the mountain top, Adam Worth and his panelists answer your questions. In this episode of The Bad Advice Show: Dolphin eggs, Lunch Meat, Fashion Trends, Wedding Crashers, Mentos: the Fresh Maker, Listener Mail! It’s the best advice available you should never take.

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4 thoughts on “The Bad Advice Show Episode 6”

  1. OMG, I just started listening to show #6, and the first question out of the blue ripped off the scab of my most painful childhood memory. In Junior High, I was assigned as team leader to report on an aspect of dolphin reproduction, and specifically stood in front of the class to share our information. I had diligently researched the topic as far as I could through the public library and though there was plenty of information about the mother dolphin or porpose caring for the young, lifting them to the surface to breathe, and a wealth of other information… I was totally unprepared for my teacher’s drilling question, if porpoise bore their young alive or not. I was stopped dead in my tracks, because our conservative rightwing community had excised any book or information that refereed to reproduction or anything that would have been too graphic for our young minds. The teach wheedled around and closed in for the kill, making the point about why the porpoise was so significant. And I was totally humiliated because I had completely missed the point of the assignment. Thanks for immediately stripping away years of therapy and resurfacing all those childhood fears and trauma. Why am I going to turn in again?

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! Grade school teachers are often little more than Napoleonic bullies. I feel your pain. If only you could have cited our show at the time…. well you probably would have flunked out but you’d have looked cool doing it. Thanks for the share ~Adam

      1. Here’s a question someone just posed:
        “Where does that yellow pollen come from and when will it end?”
        I was under the impression that it was grass pollen, but perhaps it is from an evergreen…pine pollen?
        Have at it if you like, but credit the question to Woozie Daily of WV.

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