The Best of Fives – Nintendo 64

In this edition of The Best of Fives, Lou, Derek and Chris list their top five favorite games from the Nintendo 64 gaming system!

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The Best of Fives

A show about anything, by anyone, released anytime. Each episode 2 or more guest list their top 5 or that episode subject. Beer, music, TV shows, anything can show up on any episode of “The Best of Fives”.

One thought on “The Best of Fives – Nintendo 64”

  1. You guys are insane. //////you missed out of several N64 gems, Jet Force Gemini, Yoshi Story, Bomberman 64, 1080 Snowboarding, Killer Instinct, Mischief MAkers, Perfect Dark, Mario TEnnis, Winback, Mario party, Beetle Adventure Racing, Blast Corps, I could go on. Not a star wars fan but i loved the shit out of Shadows of the empire. And the THQ wrestling games are indeed some of the best ever. WCW world tour, Revenge, WM2000, No mercy all are excellent. WWF warzone and attitude are garbage though. terrible controls and animation. also banjo kazooie is grest. way better than donkey kong or conker.

    also when the n64 came out it wasnt bundled with any game. that only happened far into its life span with donkey kong and later majoras mask.

    and GAMECUBE WAS A GREAT SYSTEM I could list numerous titles that are amazing from the gamecube. youre doing yourself a dissservice by not having played some of them.

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