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About 5 months ago Universal Orlando Resort announced details on their “Third Gate” Water Park, “Universal’s Volcano Bay”. A lot of exciting details were announced, but they did keep one thing under wraps – the star attraction.

Today, the marquee attraction has been announced:

The Krakatau Aqua Coaster!

This state-of the-art water thrill ride will be the “must experience” attraction of Volcano Bay.

From the Universal Orlando press release:

“Guests will board specially-designed canoes and propel downwards – and upwards – through the volcano’s interior peaks and valleys.  They’ll twist, turn and plummet along dark passageways, be launched through sparkling waterfalls and so much more.”

I’ve wanted to experience an Aqua Coaster for a very long time. Having one, arguably the most advanced and innovative one to date, in my own backyard is incredibly exciting.

Along with revealing “Krakatau”, Universal Orlando also revealed their new state or the art game changing queuing system – “TapuTapu Wearable”.

This new concept allows guests to experience the entire park at their leisure while virtually waiting in line for these exciting new attractions.

Along with this being a game changing system, it will be provided to everyone that enters the gate as part of the park admission!

From the Universal Orlando press release:

Virtual Lines: Guests will be able to virtually wait in line while they play in other areas of the park. The wearable will alert guests when it’s time for them to ride so they can head to the attraction.

Tap to play: Guests will discover various “tap-to-play” experiences throughout the park – all designed exclusively for Volcano Bay by Universal’s award-winning creative team.  With just a tap of TapuTapu, guests can trigger special effects like controlling streams of water spurting from whales in Tot Tiki Reef, shooting water cannons at guests snaking down Kopiko Wai Winding River and illuminating images in the volcano’s hidden caves.”

It’s been very exciting following the news of this new park at Universal and a lot of fun watching come alive during my driving on I-4. Everyone here at NEOZAZ, including myself, are really looking forward to this new addition to the amazing Universal Studios Resort family!

Universal’s Volcano Bay will open early summer 2017.

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