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Our final Unmasking the Horror Tour report features the 7th of our 6 house tour – in this case, we took the all tour tour twice and were lucky enough to have a tour of 7 total houses!

“Run” takes place in an alternate reality were John F Kennedy by passed the peacefully settlement of the Cuban arms crisis and just went ahead and nuked the Soviet Union. We lost the west coast in the process, but we gained the rest of the world as the U.S. governs the entire earth. “The Network” is form and sole provider of 1000’s of entertainment broadcast channels. Out of all the choices for your viewing pleasure, one single show rates highest among everything The Network has to offer – the game show “Run”. “Run” features “contestants” that enter a gauntlet of deadly gladiators from all over the world trying to flat out kill you. If you survive, your prize is your life.

Now, the year is 1987 and it’s Freedom Day, the global holiday of the planet and gladiators from all over the world have joined with edition of run at “Hellsgate Prison”. You, are one of the contestants. Good luck, and happy freedom day!

As reported in our “Body Collectors: Recollections”, “Freddy vs Jason” “Jack Presents 25 Year of Monsters and Mayhem”, and “The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead” articles, the Unmasking the Horror Tour is and up-close and personal, lights on tour of several of the mazes at Universal Resort Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25.

With Halloween Horror Nights 25 now over, there’s not spoilers at this point as the maze is currently being dismantled. However, you don’t want to see how this attraction looked with the building lights turned on, then best to leave now as the rest of this article is a gallery of the lights on photos inside “Run: Blood, Sweat, and Fears”.

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