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Moving on with our Unmasking the Horror Tour report – it’s time to step into Season 5 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” with “The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead”

As reported in our “Body Collectors: Recollections”, “Freddy vs Jason” “Jack Presents 25 Year of Monsters and Mayhem”, the Unmasking the Horror Tour is and up-close and personal, lights on tour of several of the mazes at Universal Resort Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25.

SPOILER ALERT. Before I continue, I want to give an extremely necessary warning: the rest of this article will set the stage for an experience walking through the house and the story of “The Walking Dead: The Living and Dead” with the addition of pictures and a photo gallery, as well as spoilers to season 5 of “The Walking Dead”. If you have not yet experienced this amazing house and do not want any spoilers in way of description or photos, or if you have not yet watched or heard the details of season 5 of The Walking Dead television series, stop reading this article now!

Full photos in posted at the bottom this description:

The maze starts off exactly where our heroes find themselves in Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” – The slaughter house of Terminus:

From there we find ourselves in the caved-in remnants of the food bank, along with water logged walkers waste deep in water:

Out of the food bank and into Grady Memorial Hospital:

We leave the hospital – intact – and find ourselves in the church yard of St Sarah’s Episcopal Church:

Out of the church and into the barn right at the time the storm hits:

Leaving the barn, we’re wandering the woods with Walkers all around:

From woods we enter the back of a large department store, with Walkers still afoot. As we move out we come across an infamous door, and the setting for one of the most memorable character deaths this season:

Out of the store, we trip a trap set by the wolves, and walkers are unleashed from all sides:

AMC’s The Walking Dead has had a long presence at Halloween Horror Nights and the Art and Design team have taken bold steps to try to bring this story to life in new and exciting ways each year.

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Unmasking the Horror Tours are still available as of the posting of this article.

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