What We Say In The Shadows – A Bullet, A Stabbing, and A Punch in the Face

In this episode we break the ice and introduce ourselves and give our history with out Vampire overlords. From the original movie to our love of the new series, and what one how would do to keep one performer safe at all costs. Full show formatted episode coming soon!

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  • Hey friends! I found your show half way through season 2 and I have been loving going through the episodes with you and trying to predict the next plot twists. (If Colin isn’t reincarnated next episode, I like to think he faked his own death to go be with his Siren love.) ANYWAYS, I was just about yelling at the phone yesterday listening to your new episode bc you mentioned the “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired line” which I recognized immediately – it’s from Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd is trying to convince Harry to move to Aspen. Classic. Thanks for the fun listen and for loving this show as much as I do!

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