The Short

NeoZAZ.com was started in 2005 as a creative outlet for us and our friends – a place to post and share our films, reviews, articles, etc for anyone (if anyone) that might want to check them out. And, in many ways, that’s still what it is today. Though the focus has shifted many times from articles, to short films, and now primary to podcasts and new media, the reason NeoZAZ.com is online remains the same – it’s a place for us and our friends to have fun. If you’re one on the many people that we’ve come to know as friends online, or someone that just stumbled upon us recently – we’re glad you stopped by and if you happened to get a smile or a chuckle during your visit, even better!

The Long

NeoZAZ.com is a new media site with a large focus in Podcasts and Internet distributed entertainment.

NeoZAZ has produced serveral Award Nominated series with an every growing catalog of shows being added to the network each year.

In addition to regular series release, NeoZAZ has also created several specials, including:

Our Star Wars Celebration VI Live Show, “The Star Wars Obscure Character Face-off”

Live coverage of our annual fund raising auction with “The ArTmor Project”

The last running of the runDisney event “Expedition Everest Challenge”

First hand coverage of the historic maiden voyage of the NASA Orion Deep Space Vehicle with our “Orion EFT-1” series

NeoZAZ continues to grow each year with shows and specials about the things we love, and we’re thrilled to have you check out our work and join along in the fun!

To learn a little bit more about NeoZAZ.com and it’s history, check out this interview with one of NeoZAZ.com’s founder Matt from this special Star Wars In Character mini-series “Inside the SWIC Studio” featuring many of the core members of NeoZAZ here.

Thanks for dropping by!