Airplane! Minute! 31 – Complimentary Corpse Service – NEOZAZ

It’s a new week of minutes from Airplane! Minute! and this week we have special co-host Quint from The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights podcast and we learn picks of hairdresser are unconditional in comedy movies.

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Top Secret Minute

Each episode NEOZAZ founding podcasters Matt and Dave analysis the 1984 comedy classic “Top Secret!” minute by minute. Episodes released each week day!

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  • Great episode guys (as always)!
    Though, I have a few comments/pointers:

    11:15 Zero Hour (1957) is not a Canadian movie, it’s a US production. The story is set in/over Canada though, like you said.

    12:30 She doesn’t just sound like the same “woman”, IT IS the same actress, Lee Bryant, from the original Yuban coffee commercial.

    13:45 Pretty sure you were joking about the seat spacing etc. :-), but, since this is a set, interiors are usually a lot bigger than they are IRL, even-though this movie is almost 40 years old.
    Plus, it has three rows on one side and two on the other. Not very realistic ;-).

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