Star Wars In Character – The Best of Fives – The Mandalorian

“The Mandalorian” is here and Chris, Tim and Matt got together to list their top 5 favorite things of the debut episode of “The Mandalorian”!

Star Wars In Character

Star Wars In Character, from Join us each episode as we discuss the lesser known Star Wars characters that often get overlooked. If you are a Star Wars die-hard, you will love the "Star Wars: In Character" podcast!

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  • Hey swic!
    Absolutely Gorram Rite! The Mandalorian episode 1 thru 4 is the most exciting Star wars since 1983. This is what I was expecting, this kind of storytelling, this kind of vibe, this kind of true AWESOMENESS, since ROTJ.
    Here’s my Best of 5s for TM epi.1
    #5 i love the callbacks to original trilogy, so many, but for brevitys sake, the carbonite chamber, the cantina scene, When Mando/Luke are looking thru their scopes and get Ambushed by Broog/Tusken raider, I got chills
    #4 Understated Humor ( self destruct droid,Cut that Shit Out already! No Droids!!! Everyone must be Apple users in STar wars Canon lol, “I’ll get us a cruiser, my treat…OPEN THE HATCH! I haven’t evacuated my thorax since the solstice. Yeah, Mando knew u evac-ed when u saw that dude get eaten thru the ice haha No Life Day Festivities for U!
    #3 The Artwork at the end that rolls with the credits,
    The Artwork is just Badass, so Star War-zee
    #2 The Cantina scene…Do I need to say more? No I dont.
    But I will. You should know by now…
    Fuck, I Love Alliteration! (Ricky from the Sunnyvale told me to tell u that Matt)
    And #1 The Baby Yogurt Reveal…seriously what a great surprise.
    I went into this cold cold cold, and I knew nothing about it…I thought The Mandalorian was gonna be the rumored standalone Bubba Fett movie, so glad it is this series.
    Finally…after so long Star wars is back on track!!!

    Honorable Mentions
    1.Mandalorian Back Story Pieces (bescar steel returned to the tribe, foundlings, the armorer/black smith/high priestess)
    a great mix of Old and new,
    Fuck Grilled Tree Octopus Salad…Bring on the Salacious Crumb Bar- B- Q!!! Remember to CUT it DIAGONALLY!!!! Only way to make it Taste Right, Dave!
    Thanks u guys,
    Still playing with my toys wrong…
    Billy T

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