Big Monster Brewing – Dialing in Murder Hornet

Murder Hornet has quickly become my most popular beer at festivals all over Florida. Technically, this beer has never been the same twice. Up until now, the beer has been brewed with little to no notice that beer is needed for an upcoming festival and I brew it with whatever ingredients I have on hand that are close enough to the original recipe.

But now we’ve been get much better organized in preparing for festivals and have much more notice when we need to brew. With this new organization and the popularity of Murder Hornet, I’m going to formulate a new recipe that’s repeatable with ingredients that are quick and easy to get to  make a repeatable, enjoyable version of this beer each time it’s needed.

Big Monster Brewing

In 2016 Matt from finally began to pursue a hobby he wanted to take up for decades – home brewing. This series is an audio journal and recap of each attempt at creating a unique beer from planning, brewing, kegging and tasting. There’s a lot of up and downs and some unexpected surprises throughout this learning path, but inevitably Matt always learns something new each episode. Grab and beer and check out this unique take on this fantastic hobby!

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