Big Monster Brewing – Gold is the New Black Stout

The fifth annual Iron Homebrew Festival and Competition is coming, and this year we were lucky enough to day espresso as our required ingredient! This beer is the fourth test batch brewed to find out what beer we’ll submit to the festival. For this batch, we’re going off-book and making a Golden Stout – a beer that looks like a blonde ale but drinks like a stout. In this case, ad very roasty, coffee-heavy stout. Is this the beer that will take us to the top four of the festival this year? Listen along to this brew day and find out!

Click here to learn more about the Iron Homebrewer Festival and Competition.

Big Monster Brewing

In 2016 Matt from finally began to pursue a hobby he wanted to take up for decades – home brewing. This series is an audio journal and recap of each attempt at creating a unique beer from planning, brewing, kegging and tasting. There’s a lot of up and downs and some unexpected surprises throughout this learning path, but inevitably Matt always learns something new each episode. Grab and beer and check out this unique take on this fantastic hobby!

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