Big Monster Brewing – Peach Cider

For most of my adult life, I wondered how people made beer at home. The entire process was a mystery to me for many years. To solve that mystery, I decided to learn how beer can be brewed at home and make some myself. I soon demystified the process and, for several years, learned a lot and expanded my curiosity and interest in the hobby. And this episode is about one of those expansions. I’m making a peach cider for the first time, and with a process, I’ve never done before. I’m sure I’ll learn something in this process; I hope that it’s something worthwhile.

Big Monster Brewing

In 2016 Matt from finally began to pursue a hobby he wanted to take up for decades – home brewing. This series is an audio journal and recap of each attempt at creating a unique beer from planning, brewing, kegging and tasting. There’s a lot of up and downs and some unexpected surprises throughout this learning path, but inevitably Matt always learns something new each episode. Grab and beer and check out this unique take on this fantastic hobby!

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