Blakes 7 In Character – Gan

A two-pronged special episode this time, as we take our first look at a crew member, plus there’s a show report on the recent Cygnus Alpha convention.

Blakes 7 In Character

The show that takes an in-depth look at the classic BBC Series “Blakes7” on character at a time! Following the "In Character" format from, "Blake7 In Character" features a single character each episode and explores their history, back story, and details in more depth you would ever need.

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  • No, the names are class-based, females are called by first name regardless of class; hence Jenna. There are discrepancies to this for characters from other planets (hence no surname for Cally etc). But I believe it is largely the case.

  • Oh dear, that Russian woman AGAIN! She has only been a fan for a year and she seems to be on every B7 blog & forum “treating” us all to her lengthy essay length views on the detailed “meaning” (according to her) of every episode. Yawn! I think she wants to be a “big name fan” as they term it. It’s all very tiresome. If she wants to write essays why doesn’t she get her own blog then we wouldn’t have to suffer it on all the forums etc.

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