Blakes 7 In Character – Ian Chooses

In this special, Eric tries to find out if Ian is a bigger fan of Blakes 7 or Dr Who, by way of character selection.

Blakes 7 In Character

The show that takes an in-depth look at the classic BBC Series “Blakes7” on character at a time! Following the "In Character" format from, "Blake7 In Character" features a single character each episode and explores their history, back story, and details in more depth you would ever need.

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  • Dear Eric and Ian, thank you for your surprise Blake’s 7 in Character podcasts. It was agony as this show progressed, listening to Ian choose. I have chosen never to watch Sophie’s Choice, and I know there is no comparison, but listening to Ian wrestle with the choice between eg., Leela and Servalan, was excruciating but excellent entertainment. I have but a few days ago listened to The 100th episode and heard the same dilemmas when you were both ranking Federation Members, Main Characters and episodes etc.

    Tonight I have just matched individual podcast characters to their episodes and I shall soon embark on Listening To Blake’s 7 in Character in Television Episode Order Rather Than Podcast Order – as suggested by you. And I shall also undertake a Crystal Count!!

    I have been self isolating now, staying at home, for 463 days and this podcast, and your Doctor Who Adversaries, have helped keep me somewhat sane. 67 days to go until I can venture out into the world.

    I’ve just finished your epic DALEK episode, and we’re back to Billy-Bob tonight.

    In my last comment I said I was keen to sew a Blake’s 7 dress and I have indeed printed some fabric adorned with various Blake’s 7 bits and bobs and by Spring, September here, I hope to have completed my task.

    Hope you and yours are all safe and well.

    Thanking you kindly,


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