Blakes 7 In Character – Justin

We’ve put it off for long enough and now we, gulp, tackle the rather disturbing Justin.

Blakes 7 In Character

The show that takes an in-depth look at the classic BBC Series “Blakes7” on character at a time! Following the "In Character" format from, "Blake7 In Character" features a single character each episode and explores their history, back story, and details in more depth you would ever need.

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  • I agree with all the things you said about this episode. Its not just bad, but everything about it makes it not Blakes 7. The characters are not the same ones we have seen in previous episodes and they pretty much don’t act how the characters would act. I can forgive a lot of things in B7, for example, I thought the model shots were OK – even Sleer’s ship landed on the surface. But who on the production team looked at Og and his mates and thought “that’s look plausible”. Its worse than parody. After reading the script, couldn’t they have cast a younger person to play the part of Justin, say, someone more Dayna’s age? That would have been simple, surely. The whole shoddy mess makes it look like nobody cared (a point I think you made in the podcast). Which is something you can’t say about seasons 1 & 2 of B7 – even when they ran out of money. As for the Vila in the glycolene comedy fest… why? Just why? I always skip this episode on rewatches and you have reminded me why. Zero implausible wigs out of 10.

    P.S. I do love your podcast. This episode apart, B7 generally has lots to talk about and you do it very well!

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