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    The GR80s – Dragonslayer

    Join Khrysti, Kevin and Ryan as they roll for initiative and see if they have the STR, DEX and CON to succeed after watching Dragonslayer. Does it hold up, or […] More

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    The GR80’s – 9 to 5

    Welcome to the new season of the Gr80’s as we kick off our salute to the 1980’s! Each month we will discuss a couple of movies from each year of […] More

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    The GR80s – Gremlins

    There are 3 rules to this episode: First of all, keep Summer out of the light, she hates bright light, especially sunlight, it’ll kill her. Second, don’t give James any […] More

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    The GR80s – Trading Places

    Happy Holidays from the Gr80’s! Join Khrysti, John, Steve and Kelley as they discuss the Eddie Murphy/Dan Ackroyd/Jamie Lee Curtis Classic, Trading Places! Get in the holiday spirit and see […] More

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    The GR80s – RAD

    Baby Come Back, It’s time to Break the Ice with Thunder in Your Heart! Join Steve, Ryan and Khrysti with Music That You Can Dance To as we ass slide […] More

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    The GR80s – Evil Dead 2

    In our continuing Halloween scary movie juggernaut, we enjoy Evil Dead 2- Dead By Dawn! Join Karl, Kimberley and Khrysti as they review this fan favorite, and find out Karl’s […] More

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