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The announcement we’ve all been waiting for was finally made this week – we know now the icon and the theme for Halloween Horror Nights 26, and we couldn’t be more excited:

Chance, the psychotic, fun loving, demented, bubbly, unhinged, and beautiful sidekick to HHN legend icon Jack the Clown takes the center stage – and well deserved!

Chance became a legend in her own right since her first appearance in Halloween Horror Nights 17 The Carnival of Carnage and took a giant leap into the spot light starring beside Jack the Clown in Halloween Horror Night 25’s stage show “The Carnage Returns”.

Building off the momentum of HHN25, Chance’s story now continues, and so does the story started in HHN25:

From the Universal Studios Orlando blog, Director of Creative Development for Entertainment Mike Aiello explains:

”For us, Halloween Horror Nights 26 literally takes place where we left off. The aftermath of the carnage is still fresh and Chance finds herself incarcerated for the crimes of last year. With the “Jack in the Box” on an evidence shelf somewhere waiting for someone to turn the crank once more, Chance bides her time within her cell”

The evolution of this new icon will take place right in front of our eyes during this year’s event. Mike further explains:

“We have two very distinct states of mind for Chance—as well as two distinct looks. Terror itself, ripped in half… the shockingly real and the grotesquely imagined. This is an evolved Chance taking her rightful place atop Halloween Horror Nights.”

And how she will take her rightful place, at least in some formats, has already been revealed. Chance will be featured in her own Maze and Halloween Horror Nights 26 AND her own scarezone!

No word yet is Chance will literally take center stage in her own “Carnage Returns” type show, but the opportunity to create a new, exciting, energetic and demented show around this new fantastic icon seems impossible to ignore.

Hear more about Chance taking of HHN in our Instant Reaction upcoming episode of The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights podcast at:

Halloween Horror Nights 26 takes place on select nights September 16 through October 31.

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