Doctor Who Adversaries – Gods of Ragnarok

This time, Ian and Eric reach rock bottom with the shows stories. But, do you agree? Have a listen and find out!

Doctor Who Adversaries

In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.

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  • Come on Eric, you sat through Delta and the Bannermen, could this be worse? Absolutely!

    Sylvester McCoy is very irritating in this story, so much so that I almost feel like giving him a slap! What is it with the over the top panto acting?

    There was one thing I liked, the clowns driving the hearse along the dusty highway, it had echoes of the movie Phantasm. Imagine menacing clowns that never speak picking up strangers in a hearse! That would make a good story.

    Dorset sand pits look great in the sunshine but everything else is crap!

    The Gods of Ragnarok costumes are made of a spongy rubber covered with a textured paint that would bounce if you dropped them on the floor, the bodies were one complete unit, just the arms and head would come apart, but I expect you can see that because that’s exactly what they look like on screen. Wordy from Words & Pictures springs to mind.

    Ps, did you notice the TARDIS door control lever was in the open position but the doors closed? Tut Tut.

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