Doctor Who Adversaries – Morbius

We’ve had a fantastic time looking at a classic Who tale, and loved discussing two iconic characters from the show – Morbius and Solon.

Doctor Who Adversaries

In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.

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  • Hi guys. Just realised the comments are back on.
    I’ve been waiting to share my morbius incident with you for a while, kind of an exclusive!

    So, during the winter when the exhibition was closed I would often catch up with paperwork, give the place a good clean, stock check and so on.

    This was also the time when the exhibits would be swapped over with the site in Wales.

    If the weather was nice I would walk the few miles from home and bring the dog with me, like on this occasion.
    I picked up the keys from the estate office, let myself into the exhibition and found morbius stood in the console room.

    As you can imagine this was pretty interesting, just morbius, myself and the dog! What’s not to like?

    At this time he was in a bad state of repair. Inside he was hung on a simple wooden tee and screwed to a plywood stand.

    Looking sideways on he was no more than 100mm thick due to being hung on a stick!
    The back of the costume was worse, with a big hole, latex and bits foam hanging like an old rag.

    Anyway, I settled down and started going through my paperwork. Sometime passed and I just got that feeling, everything was very quiet, and where was the dog?

    He was in the console room chewing on what was left of morbius!

    Luckily he was feasting on the back rather than the front! Nether the less he had made a massive hole with latex and foam everywhere!

    Panic set in, I’ve just ruined a classic Dr Who costume! Wtf!

    Thinking fast I cleaned up the mess and pushed him against the wall, ran back home, dropped off the dog, jumped in the car and drove into town where there was an art and crafts shop.

    I brought some small sheets of foam, glue, and card, got back to the exhibition and started work.

    I spread all the bits on the floor like a big jigsaw, cut the foam to size and fixed it to the inside of the costume, then glued the latex on.

    After what seem ages I wiped everything down, stood back and it looked pretty good! In fact, it looked 100% better than before the dog eat it!

    Much later I watched the video of it being restored and no one mention or noticed the repair?


    Your the first to hear about this, nearly 20 years on.


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