Doctor Who Adversaries – Silver Nemesis

Three adversaries this time as we look at Lady Peinforte, De Flores and the Nemesis from the shows 25th anniversary tale.

Doctor Who Adversaries

In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.

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  • Another excellent DWA podcast. It really was traumatic having to watch this story again as it is total rubbish. Ten minutes after I had finished watching this dross my daughter said a package had been delivered for me. It was my DVD copy of “The sea Devils” as I am upgrading the last few doctor who’s I have on vhs. What a difference it was watching jon pertwee and a great Who story, just the thing to cleanse the palate after silver nemesis.
    Cant wait for the Autons! and another great podcast.
    all the best.
    Mark ( NEW ZEALAND)

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