Doctor Who Adversaries – The Master

It’s all very trippy and surreal this time as we take a look at the Master (not that one).

Doctor Who Adversaries

In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.

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  • Hi there,

    Really enjoyed the latest podcast on the Mind Robber. The Blake’s 7 episode featuring the Tharn was called Dawn of the Gods.

  • Hi guys, just a quick note on the new Doctor.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the Dr changing gender or ethnicity, as I can’t help thinking it’s just about winning a popularity contest rather than staying true to the shows original premise.

    There’s other reasons behind these changes which I won’t go into here.
    I’m sure you understand why.

    Question? Why couldn’t the BBC create new characters to run alongside the show, I’m up for having a woman &/ or a black actor playing a Timelord, but a different Timelord? Then we could get to keep the character we all know and love plus get some new and interesting spin offs, surly everyone would be happy?

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