Doctor Who Adversaries – The Voords

Welcome to a brand new show from Neozaz! Each episode, Ian and Eric will take a look at a nemesis of the Good Doctor, here Ian starts the ball rolling with an adversary unique to the First Doctor, the Voords

Doctor Who Adversaries

In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.

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  • Great first episode and a very confident, entertaining start. Looking forward to the Yeti in part two and hopefully not too long before the Nestenes/Autons are discussed for JP? The Ealing Broadway scene with the shop window dummies must rank in the top 5 Doctor Who moments ever?

    • Cheers Mark!
      The Autons WILL feature, but not for the first JP episode. That’s another alien , beginning with A!

  • Just listened to the podcast, so glad you decided to do this. I am a great fan of B7 in character and sad it came to an end. i am a massive(classic) who fan and grew up with the programme with pertwee as my first doctor and my favourite. i was born in 1967 so similar age to both of you, your nostalgia of the times makes me laugh and a bit sad for a childhood now long gone.
    i was born in the uk but moved to new zealand in 2001.I have the ability to listen to the podcast at work, I like my job but being able to listen to you two makes it so much better. keep podcasting, you make people happy.

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