Effectively Speaking – Space 1999

The notion of this show is to feature poor as well as good effects. So, we’re off to Season 2 of Space: 1999 to consider “The Rules Of Luton”


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  1. I had season two on a DVD import. One of the commentary tracks said the new outfits were to hide the actor’s ageing body shapes. The first custume from season one was a bit figure hugging!

  2. What it Maya doesn’t actually physically change, but rather projects an image into the mind of those around her, and their belief in the creature they are seeing gives it strength? Although, I prefer koenig off his tits on acid with Maya running around the woods flapping her arms. Very funny!😂

  3. I assume this podcast has been released to coincide with the repeat of this episode on Horror Channel.
    Surely the first Rule of Luton should be don’t live in Luton – it’s a dump, despite what Lorraine Chase might say.

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