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  • As far as I’m concerned, any pack that includes Crystal Skull means the trilogy plus a free coaster for the beer.

    There are only three movies (and a pretty good TV show no one else watched).

  • Yeah, I’ve always envied Star Wars fandom for the gatekeeping of canon and wished Indy had been given the same amount of consideration. Just for instance, there are at least three conflicting backstories of how he and Wu Han met, and the early Rob MacGreagor books obviously didn’t a give damn about the Young Indy Chronicles nor vice versa.

    That was, at least, before the Disney sequels came along. Then I counted my blessings (at least until Dial of Destiny, which I still refuse to acknowledge).

    Afterthought: Miss Helen Seymour didn’t take young Indy around the world. She was his tutor who had been handpicked by Jones Sr. for the job when he went around the world on a lecturing tour (and was a victim of her tutelage himself).

  • We the audience have no idea how long it took Indy to finally get back home again on foot, nor how far from town the Boy Scout troop had gone on their excursion. So it’s *plausible* Herman managed to reach the sheriff in that space of time.

    We may have to resort to the novelization and comic book adaption, but it was strongly implied that the lawman was in cahoots with Panana Hat’s grave robbers and seemed to already be familiar with the Jones boys. He may well have rolled his eyes and decided it would save time to just go to their homestead and wait for him arrive with the prize, not knowing Junior had already showed up. After all, the whole gang had time to get together, get off the train and meet with the sheriff themselves.

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