2020 marks the 10th year anniversary of the “Star Wars In Character Podcast”! We launched the series with minimal advertising and never let ads interrupt the episodes. in 2015 we launched our Patreon campaign and were met with an overwhelming amount of support.

Patreon has helped tremendously on offsetting the costs of producing the series while covering the costs of offering the entire run of the series online and available to anyone, anytime.

As we enter this 10th year of the show, we’ve taken a good look at the feedback we’ve gotten since starting our listener support crowd funding model.
We realize Patreon, or even the commitment of monthly recurring contributions is not the type of support everyone is looking to do.

To start expanding options for listener support we’ve setup a one-time donation option to help keep “Star Wars In Character” going, ad free.

In the same spirit of our Patreon page, we don’t ever want to ask for “something for nothing”, we’re offering a download of one of our exclusive episodes from conventions, appearances, fundraisers, etc as a “Thank you” for your donation.

To start off the year, we’re offering “Dengar”, our 2014 ArTmor Project Fundraiser episode. Recorded to raise the material costs for our 2014 Toys for Tots world wide art project and auction, we discuss the heavily armored, and even more heavily bandaged bounty hunter from “The Empire Strikes Back”, Episode 5 of the Star Wars Saga. Donations start at the suggested $2.00. If you’d like to donate a larger amount, we will of course be flattered and honored to accept, but the $2.00 minimum is all that’s required to access this exclusive “Thank you” episode this month.

From our 2014 ArTmor Project Fundraiser, we discuss the heavily armored, heavily bandaged, and even heavier hilarious history of the bounty hunter first seen in "The Empire Strikes Back", episode 5 of the Star Wars Saga. Please enter at least $2.00 into the donation amount to recieve "thank you" download.