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Is It Beer Yet – 13 Beers for Halloween – Killer Grease Paint

Third beer up in the 13 beer challenge gets a little interesting. It’s a style I hate, and ingredient I couldn’t resist.

“Kill Grease Paint” is the first beer in the challenge named and inspired by a specific attraction at Halloween Horror Nights 28 – The “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” scarezone.

I wanted to make a white beer as a direct nod to the clown make up. My first idea was a White Ale. But a big part of this project along with making 13 beers to learn while I’m doing it. So I stepped out of my usually taste preference and made my first witbier – a style I have never enjoyed.

It does sound weird to make a beer I don’t like. But I don know a couple of people that will, it it comes out okay, and in the process maybe I learn what combinations of ingredients leads that specific taste and style and I’ll learn something. In this case, what not to do (at least if I’m making the beer for myself).

But that’s not all in this one. There’s another specific, recurring element of “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” I had to include in this beer. Cotton Candy!!! Cotton Candy is a huge part of the movie, I had to include in this beer.

How did it come out? Where is the cotton candy? Do I like Witbiers yets? Check out this episode of “Is It Beer Yet” and find out!

Full Recipe – 1 Gallon All-Grain

2 lb German Pilsner Malt
6.4 oz Flaked Wheat
3.2 oz of Flaked Oats
2.75 Gallons Water

60 Min Mash at 154 Degrees F

.15 oz Saaz hops 60 mins
.15 oz Saaz hops at 30 mins
.15 Sweet Orange Peek at 5 mins
.8 oz Cotton Candy at 10 mins
.15 oz Saaz hops at 1 min

3.5 grams Safbrew T0-58

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