Killing My Kindle – Episode 1-44

Episode 1-44: Overstuffed

Wherein I review:
161. Universal Harvester by John Darnielle
162, The Labyrinth Index (Library Files #9) by Charles Stross
163. The Three Sacred Cities (Jack West Jr. #5) by Matthew Reilly
164. Dark Sacred Night (Harry Bosch #21, Renee Ballard #2) by Michael Connelly
165. Fooling Houdini by Alex Stone
166. Target: Alex Cross (Alex Cross #26) by James Patterson
167. The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers by Thomas Mullen
168. The Beast of Barcroft (Fatal Folklore Trilogy #1) by Bill Schweigart
169. Northwoods (Fatal Folklore Trilogy #2) by Bill Schweigart
170. Bill, the Galactic Hero (Bill the Galactic Hero #1) by Harry Harrison

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