Star Wars In Character KkH’Oar’Rrhar

In this episode we discuss the Tusken Raider fighter extraordinaire from the timeless PlayStation game “Masters of Teras Kasi”.

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  • I had the Masters of Teras Kasi game for the Playstation in the late 90’s when my son was around 4 years old. He would play it with me or just watch me play the game, and like any good Star Wars fan who is also a parent, he had nearly all of the action figures.

    One day when I got home from work, my wife told me that he couldn’t find his Tusken Raider action figure and while his grandmother was looking after him, my 4 year old son was running around the house saying “Where’s my Hoar? Where’s my Hoar?”

    Grandma did not find this very amusing, but I thought it was basically the funniest thing ever.

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