Mad Max In Character – Bubba Zanetti

This time, Ian and Eric discuss the coolest member of the Toecutter’s gang. Possibly of all four films?

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  • As I’ve mentioned below Toecutter podcast, I think Toecutter was a leader from the beginning. And I’ve got absolutely different feelings about Toecutter-Bubba-Johnny triangle. I think Bubba is pretty much jealous of how Toecutter favors Johnny, even tough he’s so stupid. Bubba does not fit the gang but I like to imagine that Bubba and Toecutter shares a history and that’s why Bubba stays loyal to Toecutter. He’s also the only person who kind of stands up to Toecutter but in the end always does what he’s asked to do. He really wants Toecutter to see how useless Johnny is, he literally hates him and that’s why he doesn’t want to pick him but of course he’ll do that for his leader. Even when he screams, he screams when Toecutter can’t hear him anymore, maybe to blow off some steam.

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