Mad Max In Character – The Nightrider

This time, Eric and Ian look at perhaps the most pivotal character in any of the Mad Max films, the Nightrider.


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  • Roop knows he has the woman with him because he had just been aiming the shotgun at him before the first crash then makes the comment about his floozy once they got back on the road. Now I’ve always wondered if this is a continuity error but he supposedly killed a cop when he escaped but also in the newscast it said he was awaiting arraignment for the murder of an MFP officer so I’m assuming he was arrested for killing one cop then killed another to escape? The Toecutter gang sign can also be seen on the top of the car that was the result of an anxiety. It says FU with the PHI. I also know one script or book says the Pursuit special Nightrider was driving was damaged after the lengthy chase and shotgun blast so that’s why it’s performance was suffering.
    I think that “ashes to ashes…mad max” quote is horrible but he did know max’s name because goose said over the radio “max can you hear me max” so he would’ve heard that meanwhile at the end Johnny says to him “you’re mad…”

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