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Is It Beer Yet? Miscalculated Blonde – NEOZAZ

Episode 5 – Miscalculated Blonde

“Matt can’t add”, “Matt doesn’t know how many ounces are in a pound”, “Matt got up too early” – whatever way you want to say it, Matt’s miscalculation leads to the first non-nepozaz themed beer for NEOZAZ and “Is It Beer Yet”.

“Miscalculated Blonde” is a blonde ale brewed from a Pale Ale Malt base with a dash of Carapils and Crystal Malt 10L. There’s one single hope edition – cascade hops for the entire 60 minute boil.

Along with brewing, kegging, and tasting “Miscalculated Blonde”, Matt takes a stroll down memory lane when he finds 2 bottles of his very first brews ever!

To wrap up, Matt tries out his newest brewing toy – “The Last Straw” bottling gun!

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