The Negative One Podcast – 100 – Thomas Needs a Bigger Boat – NEOZAZ

Welcome to The Negative One Podcast – OUR 100TH EPISODE!

Ba dum…. Ba dum…. Ba dum ba dum ba dum – blah blah blah. This week the boy’s celebrate their 100th waste of everyone’s time with the downright mythical masterpiece: Jaws! That’s right folks, the Navy man himself has never seen one of the most iconic films in cinematic history. Matt strikes out to set it straight.

Is Thomas a Bachelorette? Is he really just a salty old sea captain? Do the boys need a bigger boat?

Listen, and find out!

Brought to you by the horrific sea beasts at – lurking just below the podcasting surface, ready to drag innocent swimmers into the depths of fine podcasting in the blink of an eye. Did something just touch my foot?

AND DON’T FORGET: NegOne will be joining our Bad Advice Show brethren for #BASBarCrawl this July 7th in Philadelphia! Check the Bad Advice Show page on Facebook, or search #BASBarCrawl for more details!

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