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Welcome to the Negative One Podcast!

This week Matt makes Thomas watch the movie that took over theaters AND our radios in the early 2000’s: O Brother, Where Art Thou! A loose retelling of Homer’s Odyssey, this film has it all: George Clooney lipsyncing, a cyclops, daring escapes, tight spots, demonic sheriffs, and a whole lot of Dapper Dan (none of that Fop stuff!). But is it bona fide?

Does Thomas know what an IPA is? Does Matt go through some gaming nostalgia? Does Thomas really respect Alison Krauss?

Listen and find out!

This episode has been brought to you by the escapees over at, who want to remind you that the Negative One Podcast has not R.U.N.N.O.F.T., they’re just a little slow on the uploads sometimes.

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