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Do you remember puberty? We do. Hair, fluids, hormones, attitude, confusion, changes…Fun times! You know, sometimes we wished there was a funny, irreverent show that dealt with puberty in a relatable, appropriate way. So when Netflix released Big Mouth, Nick Kroll’s animated series about puberty, we watched the first episode and quickly realized that THIS IS NOT THAT. This show even references its own inappropriateness at one point… but it’s also praised for being a refreshingly frank look at puberty through the eyes of pre-teens today. And don’t worry, the sheer VOLUME of dick-and-fart jokes is massive.

Does Matt hate one PARTICULAR character in The Last Jedi? Does Thomas dislike Hulu’s distribution model? Does Matt think Maya Rudolph is the best actor of this decade?Listen and find out!

This episode has been brought to you by the hormone monsters at, who want you to know that what you’re doing? In the dark? On the internet? Mmm yeah, that.. it’s okay. And they want to watch.




Thank you for listening!

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