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In this episode, Thomas recalls his youth (sort of…again) and hearkens back to the heyday of hip-hop: the 90s.  Where Straight Outta Compton was a biopic showing life for young rappers in Compton, Dope shows the life of young students trying to make the best of their situation in the same area.  The twist? This movie takes place in 2015, but the main characters embrace the 90s hip-hop culture that Thomas grew up with and Matt was shunned from. As an apology for being ostracized from a community that he would have loved and thrived in, Thomas offers Matt the opportunity to see and review Dope and opens his eyes to a non-ironic hipster-ish subculture he never knew existed.

Does Matt learn a hard lesson on socially acceptable terms?  Does Thomas apologize for messing up last week’s release?  Does Matt have a trip coming up where he’s not allowed to do a certain sightseeing adventures?

Listen and find out!

This episode has been brought to you by we 80s nerds at (most of us are too old to be considered 90s nerds, and we hearken back to a simpler time of yuppies, Cher movies, and President Ronald Reagan).  If you like what you hear, please visit our Patreon page at and thank you for your support!

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